State of-the-art Broiler Facility Opens in Queensland

State of the art broiler facility opens in Queensland


Leading the way in the poultry industry, Santrev constructs state-of-the-art poultry sheds built using the latest in design and technology.

One of the latest projects Santrev has been involved in was completing 8 Semi Free-Range Ready Broiler Sheds at Rosevale, Queensland that was delivered on time and met all critical bird placement dates. We give growers the option to build their conventional sheds free-range ready which can be easily converted at a later date to full free range, should market demand increase. Construction Manager, Adam Berry is located in Queensland and ensured there was hands-on experience, under which the project thrived providing the best return for our clients. Santrev previously built 8 broilers sheds in Tamrookum for the same client (just one of many repeat customers). We have our clients best interest in mind and take great pride in meeting their requirements.


Scott Donnelly, Co-Owner of the 8 shed facility said “I chose Santrev because of the previous build at Tamrookum and also the experience of the company. The weather really hampered our build, once Santrev knew our expectations and with Mathew Fleming and Adam Berry in control, the build went smoothly. Santrev has introduced new systems and documentation process which have assisted the build. Special note to Matt and Adam who were great to work with”.

Check out the pictures below of the 8 shed facility.