Johnson Poultry Off Grid Solar Solution for Ecodrum™

In October 2019 Daniel Johnson (Young Agribusiness leader of the year) had an Ecodrum™ mortality composter installed by Santrev Pty Ltd. Being remote from existing infrastructure, Santrev Solar installed a fully off-grid solar system.

The system comprised a 5kW grid inverter and a 3kW panel array to support the energy demands of the Ecodrum™. The solar solution paid for itself immediately by cost avoiding nearly $50,000 in conventional trenching, cabling, conduit and labour costs to install grid-supplied power.

With remote monitoring, Daniel and his staff can view the performance of the system from anywhere connected to the internet to ensure they are fully realising the benefits of solar energy.

You can call Santrev Solar today on 0404 703 118 to learn more about how solar is transforming poultry operations around Australia.