Key tips to maximising bird performance in a ventilated poultry house

We got together a few tips to keep in mind when housing poultry. Take a quick read and our team is always here to answer any questions you might have.

With modern housekeeping, Santrev suggests keeping bird density uniform throughout a house as this will reduce heat stress. In Santrev housing unit’s fans are placed at the end wall for ventilation and cooling pads run by an auto-control center. A uniform bird density will help maintain temperatures within the flock.

Santrev believes that the body temperature of a chicken elevates when they sit for longer periods of time. The longer the birds sit, the longer the bird’s body temperature will remain elevated and the performance of the chicken will suffer.

As there are elements in Santrev’s housing units 1. Air intake, 2. Air outlet, 3. Controller. The control system can automatically control the ventilation based on the tunnel principle. Air is taken in through cooling pads at one end of the house and let out through large gable fans at the other end of the house. This creates a cool air current lengthwise in the house giving a better performance overall with your flock. Santrev’s Sales Manager will discuss cooling automation during the project sales process. Call us on 1300 815 888 or request a quote online.