Black Dog Insititue

Black Dog Institute

Poultry Industry Charity Golf Day


With great pleasure, Santrev would like to announce that on behalf of the Poultry Industry and the generosity of all who supported the Poultry Industry Charity Golf Day a phenomenal $25,000 has been presented to the Black Dog Institue in support of mental health.

We would like to thank all those organisations and individuals who contributed towards making the 2018 Poultry Industry Charity Golf Day a successful event.

Mental illness affects one in five Australians every year, with depression and anxiety being the most common. For some people it will be an isolated event but, for the majority, it will be an ongoing challenge throughout their life that will impact on their family, friends and work colleagues. Working in Agriculture, we know Australian farmers can fall on hard times fast and we wanted to help Black Dog Institute to support all those affected in times of need.

See the presentation photos below


Santrev CEO Craig Smith presents Cheque to Anne from the Black Dog Institue

Santrev CEO Craig Smith, Anne from the Black Dog Institue and Event Organiser, Ruby Gough