Our Solar Story

Our Solar Story

Our Solar Story

Solar Choice and Santrev Solar – a powerful combination harnessing the sun’s energy through solar energy solutions aimed at Growers in the poultry and wider agricultural industries

Santrev Solar
Santrev is the largest and most respected poultry shed builder in Australia and has recently created a solar division. Santrev Solar offers its network of farmers and aggregators the opportunity to embrace and leverage the significant operational savings and commercial returns arising from investment in solar energy within the sector.

So convinced by the solar opportunity Santrev immediately invested in its own operations in Western Australia and Victoria with projected investment payback periods of less than 3.5 years in each case underwritten by the successful installer.

Delivered through “turnkey” solutions
To provide the full “turnkey” solution for their customers, Santrev Solar was created and partnered with Solar Choice, the largest independent commercial solar broker in Australia and New Zealand. This combination presents a platform for growers to harness the significant investment and operational opportunities afforded by solar energy in the poultry and agricultural industries.

A Grower’s perspective
Santrev saw the benefits early and teamed up with Solar Choice to develop “end to end” solar solutions aimed at Growers that were affordable and high quality. This included different financing options that Growers could understand and integrate into their new or existing operations without disruption to bird cycles or their other on-farm financing activities. Santrev Solar even had designed an off-grid range of solar solutions for the highly acclaimed ecodrum mortality disposal product.

Santrev Solar’s turnkey services include:


Solar Energy, a free energy source from the sun coupled with generous government incentives makes for a compelling business investment decision. Call today to discover the business case that keeps on giving on 0404 703 118.

You can contact the Santrev Team on 0404 703 118 or alternatively complete the contact form below.