Layer Poultry Housing

Santrev has become the leading provider of layer sheds around the country and has built a substantial number of layer farms in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. The Santrev shed, boasting quality and leading design, has been the choice of major egg producers such as Hazeldene and Kinross Farm. Santrev has close relationships with leading suppliers for nesting, conveyor systems, packing, grading, ventilation, feeders and drinkers associated with the layer industry.

At Santrev we understand the farmers need to achieve high production and it starts with the shed.

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Case Study

In a project that spans three years, Kinross will benefit from state-of-the-art free-range layer sheds designed and built to exceed all free range criteria. Kinross has a well-earned reputation for pampering their birds. Santrev optimised the design within the free range constraints by utilising tailored elements including a ramped Wintergarden staging area, integrated computer controlled ridge ventilation system and enhanced insulation. The net result is a shed that is some two to three degrees cooler in the height of summer.

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