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In order to support consumer demand for sustainable and ethical farming methods, Santrev provides a range of innovative free-range solutions.

Production of chicken meat using free-range farming principles has grown strongly over recent years. It is estimated that 20-25% of all chicken meat produced in Australia comes from free range operations. Santrev Free Range Housing is now a common sight on any successful poultry farm, thanks in part to the Santrev team’s experience at delivering state of the art facilities.

With the growth in consumer demand for ‘free-range,’ many farmers turn to Santrev for profitable housing solutions. We have developed free-range poultry houses designed to ensure the chickens have the best possible environment for growth ensuring your flocks are healthy and productive. Our poultry houses are not only good for the welfare and the wellbeing of the grower’s chickens but help increases productivity.

Santrev’s primary focus is to tailor customised solutions that meet individual growers needs. A Santrev customised solution can include a full turnkey commitment or poultry house only delivery.

We often use our own farms as a testing bed for our innovative housing ideas. Blanchetown is the largest free range facility in the world that has 7 farms, 42 sheds and has provided us with the opportunity to refine our shedding solutions.

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