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Why invest in Solar?

With energy costs one of the largest on-farm cost inputs for poultry growers and energy inflation runaway over the past 15 years, Growers are interested in taking back control through harnessing solar energy solutions.

Sunlight is abundant, free and environmentally sustainable as a source of energy to propel grower operations. Through the use of solar energy solutions, Santrev Solar and its partners are able to tailor optimal solar system designs that best match the farm’s current or future load requirements to the solar system’s energy generation capacity to ensure the best investment payback is achieved.

Investment payback periods of 3-4 years are frequently attainable equivalent to an internal rate of return of 25-30% compared to a bank bill of 1.5-2.5%.

Once the solar system has paid for itself in 3-4 years it generates free energy for the farm for the life of the equipment which is up to 25 years for Tier one equipment.

What does Santrev Solar offer the poultry farmer?

Santrev Solar is the Grower’s advocate. We facilitate the entire process end to end ensuring the Grower is in control, informed and comfortable with the final product, totally project managed as a “turnkey” solution.

Our service offering is extensive and includes:

How to get started

Simply call Justin Brown at Santrev Solar on 0404 703 118 or 1300 456 678 or you can email him at justin@santrevsolar.com.au for a confidential discussion about transforming your farm operations with solar energy. Once we have your energy use profile understood we will commission our partners to conduct independent data analysis, preliminary system design, business case preparation, tender management and award to get you started on your way to a Solar Energy future where you take back control and make a sound business investment in your operations.


Hear what our customers have to say

“As energy costs continue to rise, Solar power could potentially deliver long term cost savings to our business. Our suppliers have designed the solar system to suit our business needs and size, using top quality products with comprehensive warranties. We are looking at a payback period of 3.58 years.  Investing in solar power not only reduces monthly operating costs and improve margins but helps us being environmentally and socially responsible. A business’ decision to go solar is both a “gain and give” situation.”

Tony Young
Western Australia


“By investing in solar can help our business in many ways. First, and most importantly, we could boost our bottom line with savings on electricity and operating costs. Our system designers have advised that day time running cost can be greatly reduced as well as lowering demand charges for the size of business we operate. Going Solar isn’t just a financial decision, we are responsible for the influence we have on the environment, switching our business to the commercial solar panel strengths our commitment. Solar panel systems are a smart capital investment for any business. They have short term payback period, provide steady financial return and very little ongoing maintenance.”

Ravneel Singh
Farm Manager

Western Australia

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