Santrev is a 100% family owned business with over forty years of proven, reliable experience in delivering manufactured high quality structural steel framed buildings.

We use innovative concepts and a range of engineering resources to ensure we have the capacity and versatility to develop your proposal from planning through to construction. Our in-house fabrication and custom design office combined with an experienced team of personnel ensures that your project can be delivered to specifications.

All of our projects, whether they be factories, workshops, warehouses, mine sites, poultry, farming and/or general agricultural applications are designed with the most extreme and demanding of Australian conditions in mind. They are calculated to comply with all the relevant Australian standards, local council requirements and Building Code of Australia regulations.

The partnership was developed to build and manage a 200,000 bird broiler farm in south East Queensland. After operating the broiler farm for 6 years, the facility was then converted to a breeder farm and 12 additional sheds were added.

After management of the breeder farm was given to “Bartter Steggles” in January 2007, Santrev made the decision to concentrate the business solely on shed construction, development and establishing sustainable products for poultry farmers.

Luke oversee all aspects of quality control, production, design and build, as well as managing the company’s’ sustained growth.