Our Story

Santrev was formed in 1999 by brothers, Richard and Garry Sanday and Richard’s Son-In-Law, Luke Trevanion.

The family traces its origins back three generations when Jack Sanday and his sons renovated and re-roofed their first chicken sheds in 1971. Their strong work ethic and a can-do attitude were immediately recognised, and they were asked to continue working on a neighbouring property. The rest as they say, is history.



1982 – 2002
Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales (180,000 Birds)

The family soon brought their own chicken farm in Mangrove Mountain, in the heart of New South Wales. While helping Dad run the family farm, the boys worked their way through re-roofing and insulating over 600 sheds during the 1970’s and 80’s.



1999 – 2006
Purga Broiler, Queensland (200,000 Birds)

Luke learned the ropes managing the family’s 200,000 bird broiler farm before moving into the office to manage the shed building operation. While on the farm, Luke was responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operation. His ability was recognised throughout the grower network with consistent top 10% bird performance outcomes over a six-year period.




2006 – 2015
Purga Breeder, Queensland (17 Sheds)

After operating the broiler farm for 6 years, Steggles, one of Australia’s leading chicken processors engaged Santrev in 2007 to design and build a state-of-the-art breeder farm in Purga. The facility was converted to a breeder farm and 12 additional sheds were added.

The Purga facility is now an industry icon and sets the benchmark for breeder performance throughout Australia. The high performance of Purga is testament to the design capacity and attention to detail that Santrev brings to every shed they build.

After management of the breeder farm was given to “Bartter Steggles” in January 2007, Santrev made the decision to concentrate the business solely on shed construction, development and establishing sustainable products for poultry farmers.



2007 – Current
Coominya Broiler, Queensland (700,000 Birds)

Santrev was contracted to build commercial broiler farms at Coominya for a client. In 2011 Santrev purchased the farm and was soon extended by a further 7 sheds.

The property has two farms, Valley which has 400,000 birds and Hilltop which has 300,000 birds, across 13 broiler sheds.

Santrev often use their own farms as a test bed for their innovative housing ideas. From testing and specification of enhanced insulation and fire-retardant panels, to the development and refining of the clean skin ventilated shed.

At Coominya, Santrev was involved in improving the water supply by installing larger tanks, cleaning out and refurbing the bores onsite and adding a water purification system. Ventilation, lighting and drinkers trials have been conducted at this farm over its life.

In 2017 The farm achieved the best result in QLD, a 1.49FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) which is approximately 14 points better than the benchmark at the time.



2013 – Current
Santrev Steel Factory

To assist in improving quality and improving value for its client, Santrev invested in its own steel fabrication factory. The quality produced from this factory remains second to none and clients continue to be amazed when they visit the facility. Luke’s father Michael and Queenslander Peter Moore maintain constant supervision over the facility.



2013 – 2018
Blanchetown Free Range Broiler, South Australia (1,700,000 Birds)

2013 marked the beginning of the monumental $54 million-dollar Blanchetown project in South Australia. The 42 sheds, 7 farms free-range facility is one of the largest free-range facilities in the world. Years of research and development and close consultation with leading ventilation experts in the world combined to design a system that will drive free-range ventilation design for years to come. The result is a free-range system that does not compromise solid-sided shed efficiency while utilising the benefits of natural ventilation.

Upon completion, the quality and performance of this farm attracted the interest of the investment community and in 2018 it was sold to the industry newcomer, AAM Investments.



2016 – 2019
Mogumber Broiler, Western Australia (1,500,000 Birds)

Luke partnered with Muchea, Western Australia poultry farmer Tony Young to build (Santrev) and manage a state-of-the-art broiler farm in Mogumber, Western Australia. The farm is a testbed for the latest innovation, the overall design will allow for easy conversion from a conventional tunnel to free-range overall design if required at any time in the future.

The Broiler farm is complete and is achieving extraordinary performance and efficiency.



2019 – Current
Barraport, Victoria (360,864 Birds)

2019 was the beginning of eight free-range broiler sheds 250 kilometres from Melbourne with the possibility of further expansion. Santrev continues to expand its exposure to large self-managed facilities to drive Research and Development initiatives and to better understand its clients’ needs for such large projects. The farm will be a testbed for the latest innovations with new products being trialed. Through innovative design, the development will create an environment where the bird’s welfare is maximised and provide better access to the range is achieved.

The Broiler farm is 25% complete.



Current – Future

Santrev continue to explore opportunities across Australia and overseas and commit to researching and developing new products and systems that will ultimately benefits all clients and the industry in general.