Executive Director

Luke Trevanion

Luke is well known in the poultry industry as a successful grower and leader in cutting edge shed design across Australia and New Zealand through his construction company Santrev. To demonstrate his broader commitment to innovation in the Poultry sector, Luke partnered with Justin Brown to establish Santrev Solar. Luke was so convinced by the investment returns available from solar energy, he commissioned the conversion of his joint operations in Western Australia to solar energy and is looking forward to an investment rate return of 28.5% and payback in 3.5 years.



Chief Executive Officer

Justin Brown

Justin is an accomplished Project Manager with 20 years’ experience leading projects across health, oil and gas, coal mining, transport logistics, rail and steel making industries in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Justin is passionate about identifying, scoping and introducing innovative technologies into mature industrial and agricultural markets. Justin is keen to lead the conversion of the poultry sector to solar energy sourced power helping farmers take back control of their energy costs, improve operational profitability and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Justin leads the sales and project delivery aspects of the business and enjoys engaging with clients by starting a conversation to understand their needs and objectives for improved energy outcomes.