Santev is proud to announce its’ appointment as the sole distributor for ECODRUM™ in both Australia and New Zealand.

Poultry and Pig Mortality Management

The Commercial Poultry and Pig industry deal with the disposal of on-farm mortalities on a daily basis. Mortality management requires appropriate handling to prevent the spread of disease, reduce odour and other pathogens. The Ecodrum™ is a year-round controlled system processing mortalities within a short period of time. It is a proven technology successfully installed on poultry, pig, and meat processing operations throughout America and in Australia.

Estimated Average Payback 3.2 Years


  • Bio-secure.
  • Reduces odour and pathogens.
  • Quick payback.
  • Clean and simple to operate.
  • Low-cost operation.
  • Produces a high quality compost for use or sale.

Product Features: 

Fully roto-molded polyethylene drum: Strong, durable, and non-corrodible.

Powered by a 1hp 220v motor:
Low energy cost and solar compatible.

Accurate automation of your composting operation:
The patented controller makes sure you maintain your temperatures, no matter the stage of grow-out.

No complications:
The LCD touchscreen puts you in control with a tap of your finger.

Fully programable:
Setting up your grow-out is easy, choose from pre-sets ranging from small to large.

Lose the maintenance sheet:
The patented control system will notify you automatically when any service needs to be done, from oil changes to bearing grease.

A fully modular system:
Can be expanded as your need grow.


*Nominal outside diameter is approximately 60″ for all models.
* Capacities listed are maximum estimated kilograms of mortality
capacity of any Ecodrum™  model may vary depending on factors such as actual species, recipe, and bulking materials used.

Hear what our customers have to say!

I previously managed a large complex in South Australia where two Model 740  Ecodrum composters were installed. The composters were odourless and cost-effective. I found that the Ecodrums were easy to operate when using the correct bulking materials such as wood shavings. I currently manage a 22 shed farm in Western Australia and am looking to have the Ecodrum installed for dead bird disposal. I would never revert to previous mortality disposal options given the choice and would recommend having an Ecodrum composter on any farm.

Ravneel Singh
Farm Manager
South Australia

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Ecodrum™ Mortality Management 

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