Business Case

Business Case

The Business Case

Tony Young and his business partners decided to convert their 24 shed greenfield poultry operations to solar power at their Mogumber facility in Western Australia, once they saw the business case. It was compelling. After a short tender process, a contract was awarded to the winning bidder based in WA and the process moved into the execution phase soon after. Bank finance was quickly approved by the farm’s bankers given the compelling economics of the project.

The forecast energy data was analysed based on bird cycles and projected infrastructure load demands to run the farm:

An independent Business Case was then conducted by Solar Choice

Before a Tender process was independently conducted to achieve the best “value for money” from 9 bidders for the design, install and commissioning

With the Owners’ decision made to proceed immediately.

Key Investment Benefits

Listed below are key investment benefits from the Solar power investment at Mogumber, Western Australia.

  • Investment payback in 3.5 years then free electricity for life of the equipment (25 years).
  • An annual reduction in energy bills of $72,000.
  • Over 7,000 tonnes in carbon emissions offset from solar power energy replacement.
  • Operations Management took back control of one of its largest operating expenditures – energy consumption.
  • Mogumber Farms was able to increase the capital value of its farm enterprise from the projected step down in ongoing energy costs.

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